About Us

“D.E.S. Defense Engineering Solutions Ltd” (D.E.S), is an Israeli company – integrator with a long term experience in services rendering in the areas of engineering and marketing for the defense and civilian markets.

D.E.S headquarters are based in Israel with representative offices and offices of our affiliated companies in Moscow, Kiev, Tashkent, Baku and Cyprus.  D.E.S specializes in services rendering in the area of integration of innovative technological solutions for the needs of government security and civilian agencies.

Making use of our long term expertise in execution of interstate projects for the implementation of  state-of-the-art technologies, D.E.S, in collaboration with its customers, integrates and executes “turn-key” projects in the following areas:

  • Cutting-edge defense systems
  • Security systems
  • Design and engineering support
  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Training of the customer’s specialists
  • Technical support and servicing
  • Overhauling of military equipment and spare parts supply
  • Financing and other related services

All services rendered by D.E.S are shaped in full conformity with the customer’s requirements. Due to the cutting-edge technologies, highly qualified professionals and vast experience, D.E.S is able to offer its customers the most optimal comprehensive solutions tailored individually.

Defense and Security Sector

In the Defense and Security sector, D.E.S collaborates with various privately-owned and state companies-manufacturers of military and special purpose equipment in Israel, Russia and Ukraine, enabling D.E.S to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions for the needs of MOD (Air Force, Land Forces and Navy) as well as for the needs of various national security agencies.  D.E.S is a registered and authorized supplier of the Israeli MOD and of state security agencies of Russia and Ukraine (through its affiliated companies). D.E.S collaborates with governmental customers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and CIS countries, executing military and special purpose equipment and services supply related projects

Manufacturing lines in Israel

“Optitask Ltd” – an Israeli company-manufacturer – is a sister company of DES with a 17-years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of products in the area of laser physics, electro-optics, electronics and mechanics.  Throughout its years of operation, Optitask has developed unique technologies in the field of eye safe laser transmitters, which are utilized by IDF, Israeli military industries and a number of overseas customers to maximum effect. Up to date, Optitask has produced and sold thousands of high quality products in full conformity with international military standards.


D.E.S acts as an integrator and executor of a wide spectrum of civilian projects related to the supply of equipment, spare parts, technical support and service maintenance in the customer’s territory, implementation of state-of-the-art industrial and agricultural technologies, carrying out of training programs aimed at instruction of the customers’ specialists, providing of comprehensive solutions for industry and agriculture and many many more…

D.E.S renders services in strict compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Throughout the past decade, D.E.S jointly with its affiliated companies has executed a number of large scale projects for the civilian sector in various African and Asian countries. Among these projects are such projects as: supply of industrial machinery, commercial vehicles and spare parts, implementation of innovative technologies in agriculture, energy projects and many more…

Owing to its highly qualified personnel, leading technologies and long term experience, D.E.S provides its customers with effective comprehensive solutions individually tailored for each customer.