D.E.S acts as an integrator and executor of interstate projects for the supply, repair and upgrade of various types of aircrafts followed by technical support and service maintenance in a Customer’s country.

D.E.S performs overhauls and upgrades of aircrafts in cooperation with various State aircraft repair plants, comprising the military industrial complex of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Israel. In some instances and provided that the essential technical facilities are available, refurbishment of aircrafts may be performed on the Customer’s site. Level of upgrade is determined by the Customer and may include installation and adaptation of advanced avionics, radars, means of electronic warfare, communication systems, fixed and portable missile launchers active and passive protection systems, supplementary armament systems and many more.

D.E.S offers highly professional training programs. We instruct the Customer’s pilots and technicians in operation and providing of technical support of the aircrafts supplied.  Out training courses are comprised of both theoretical and practical components, training flights and execution of training missions. Our instructors are highly qualified graduates of Aviation Academies of the Suppliers’ countries.

Our training programs are carried out with the utilization of state-of-the-art aviation simulators and dedicated educational software, specifically developed by Israeli companies – worldwide leaders in military simulators manufacturing.

D.E.S offers supply of innovative simulators for various types of aircrafts.

D.E.S offers its highly qualified specialists for aircrafts technical support and maintenance service to be rendered to its Customers on-site.

D.E.S possesses vast and long term experience, highly qualified personnel and financial capabilities for seamless coordination and execution of interstate projects in the field of supply, repair and upgrade of various types of aircrafts.  


Execution of projects such as supply of military and special purpose materiel and services, repair and upgrades of military equipment, supply of spare parts, rendering of technical support and maintenance services, detachment of specialists to the Customer’s territory, training, etc. is subject to obtaining of the required approvals and export licenses from the State authorities of Israel and Export control bodies monitoring supplies of military and special purpose property and services of the Supplier’s country.