D.E.S acts as an integrator and executor of interstate projects for the supply, repair and upgrade of various types of armored vehicles (APCs, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, self-propelled units, armored jeeps and more), supply of spare parts, artillery-type weapons, salvo fire systems and antitank systems, followed by technical support and service maintenance in a Customer’s territory. We also carry out projects in the field of design and installation of additional armor plating, composed of special ceramic plates manufactured in Israel.

D.E.S carries out overhauls in cooperation with various State tanks repair plants, included in the military industrial complex of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel. When the required technical facilities are available, repair works of armored vehicles may be partially performed on the Customer’s site.

DES offers armor upgrade in collaboration with leading Israeli manufacturers as well as with its sister company – OPTITASK LTD – a developer and manufacturer of eye safe lasers, widely utilized in aiming, fire control systems, laser rangefinders and many more. Aside from innovatory electro-optical systems installation, modernization of armored jeeps and APCs may involve fitting of remotely controlled state-of-the-art tactical modules, developed in Israel, with the addition of weapons of any caliber complying with both eastern and western standards.

D.E.S represents leading Israeli companies, specializing in the production of unmanned, remotely controlled cross-country armored vehicles with the installed tactical modules of various calibers and fire control systems.

D.E.S offers training programs aimed at instructing of the Customer’s experts in operating and providing maintenance services of the armored vehicles and artillery systems supplied. We train combat crews and technicians of the Customer. Our training courses are comprised of both theoretical and practical instruction which is carried out by highly professional instructors of the Supplier’s country MOD as well as by experts of the Israeli military industries, which make use of modern simulators and dedicated training software, developed by the leading Israeli companies.


Execution of projects such as supply of military and special purpose materiel and services, repair and upgrades of military equipment, supply of spare parts, rendering of technical support and maintenance services, detachment of specialists to the Customer’s territory, training, etc. is subject to obtaining of the required approvals and export licenses from the State authorities of Israel and Export control bodies monitoring supplies of military and special purpose property and services of the Supplier’s country.