D.E.S acts as an integrator and executor of intergovernmental projects in the area of supply of various types of fast patrol boat and mid-sized vessels including, where required, installation of the following additional equipment: weapon and communication systems, electro-optical surveillance devices, radars, remotely operated ship borne combat modules, electronic warfare systems and other special purpose equipment with further technical support and service maintenance of these systems on the Customer’s site. We offer patrol boats and vessels, manufactured by shipyards in Russia, Ukraine and Israel whereas assembly and additional equipment integration works are executed in the Customer’s country.

D.E.S designs, constructs and equips the working platform of the Customer to set ground for the assembly, installation and integration of the additional equipment.

D.E.S represents leading Israeli manufacturers, specializing in the production of unmanned, remotely operated ultra speed patrol boats with the installed tactical modules of various calibers, fire control systems, surveillance and communication systems transmitting real time video signal to command posts.

D.E.S offers training programs aimed at instructing of the Customer’s experts in operating and providing maintenance services of the equipment supplied. Our training courses are comprised of both theoretical and practical instruction.

D.E.S supplies and adapts floating docks of various mass: from 3,500 to 25,000 tons on the Customer’s site aimed at dock transportation vessels and war ships as well as of other water crafts. Type of dock: floating, single-pontoon, two-, three-, four- tower, composite (reinforced concrete pontoon, steel towers), non-self-propelled, non-autonomous in energy supply. Dock area of operation – shipbuilding or ship repair facility aquatic area at an immediate proximity to the shore.


Execution of projects such as supply of military and special purpose materiel and services, repair and upgrades of military equipment, supply of spare parts, rendering of technical support and maintenance services, detachment of specialists to the Customer’s territory, training, etc. is subject to obtaining of the required approvals and export licenses from the State authorities of Israel and Export control bodies monitoring supplies of military and special purpose property and services of the Supplier’s country.