D.E.S integrates and executes interstate projects, supplying various types of advanced security systems components, electro-optical equipment, surveillance and monitoring systems, communication systems, data collection and processing systems and other dedicated equipment utilized by the security systems around the world. We offer security systems components, mainly manufactured by Israeli companies, which complies with the highest requirements and worldwide standards. This equipment is widely used for both military and civilian purposes enabling around the clock monitoring and control of strategic sites, border control, urban safeguard, crowd control, monitoring of strategic pipelines and main lines (including subway lines), safeguard of nuclear sites, sea ports, both civilian and military, airports and many more…

D.E.S supplies different kinds of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and reconnaissance aerostatic balloons developed and manufactured in Israel, being a part of security programs and utilized for collection of intel and real time video footage when time is critical. UAVs and reconnaissance aerostats are equipped with payloads, such as: day and night cameras, thermal cameras, communication and data transmission systems.

D.E.S is an experienced company with highly professional personnel and financial capabilities required for the execution of intergovernmental projects for the supply of electro-optical surveillance and monitoring systems, communication systems, equipment and intel processing software enabling us to provide our Customers with a full security cycle, as per his requirements.  


Execution of projects such as supply of military and special purpose materiel and services, repair and upgrades of military equipment, supply of spare parts, rendering of technical support and maintenance services, detachment of specialists to the Customer’s territory, training, etc. is subject to obtaining of the required approvals and export licenses from the State authorities of Israel and Export control bodies monitoring supplies of military and special purpose property and services of the Supplier’s country.