D.E.S acts as an integrator and executor of intergovernmental projects for the supply of various types of eastern and western small arms and ammunition as well as of a wide range of auxiliary electro-optical equipment and accessories.

D.E.S manages and executes projects for the upgrade of small arms using the most advanced and innovative electro-optical equipment and accessories. Electro-optical equipment used for the upgrade includes such modern auxiliary optical equipment for small arms, as: optical day and night sights, thermal sights, visible and invisible rays laser designators, laser rangefinders, fighter’s night vision binoculars and monocular and many many more… All of the above equipment is developed and manufactured by our daughter company – “PI Systems LTD”, registered in the State of Israel, possessing a fully fledged production line. All of the products manufactured by PI Systems Ltd comply with the most rigid world military standards. Accessories used for the upgrade include a wide spectrum of modern polymeric and metallic auxiliary equipment for small arms, i.e. handgrips, magazines, hand guard assembly with Picatinny rails for optics mounting, folding and fixed advanced clubs, folding bipods, flashlights and many more…

D.E.S possesses long term expertise, highly qualified personnel and financial capabilities enabling it to execute interstate projects for the supply of various types of small arms and ammunition.


Execution of projects such as supply of military and special purpose materiel and services, repair and upgrades of military equipment, supply of spare parts, rendering of technical support and maintenance services, detachment of specialists to the Customer’s territory, training, etc. is subject to obtaining of the required approvals and export licenses from the State authorities of Israel and Export control bodies monitoring supplies of military and special purpose property and services of the Supplier’s country.