As one of the main activities in the civilian market, D.E.S engages in implementation of governmental projects in the area of water management market, including water quality improvement through treatment of existing water resources, provision of suitable water storage conditions, continuous water quality monitoring, supply of water for population and industry. D.E.S provides its clients, both in Israel and worldwide, with advanced technological solutions for increasing of the water supply and improving the quality of water.

In this line of activity, D.E.S operates in a number of countries in South America, Central Asia and Africa, cooperating with leading Israeli companies, with state of the art skills and high engineering abilities. Through these collaborations the Company participates in governmental projects in these countries and promotes partnerships with regional and municipal water companies.


  • Developing, designing, establishing and operating water  production and supply facilities and systems both on domestic and global markets.
  • Water desalination.
  • Project management in the field of seawater and brackish water desalination.
  • Wastewater treatment and effluent reuse and supply.
  • Operational solutions in the field of water resources management, water quality and safety.
  • Water solutions for emergency situations.
  • Financing.


Taking a holistic approach that covers all stages of the project value chain – from planning & design through management & implementation to operations & maintenance – D.E.S is a one-stop provider of comprehensive project services. D.E.S’ interdisciplinary engineering teams deliver tailored cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed client.


The planning and design stage of a project involves the thorough review of all technical and economic aspects, including:

  • Review of general plans.
  • Review of detailed designs.
  • Advanced modeling and simulation.
  • Economic and financial analysis.
  • Provision of assistance during the technical offers submission  stage.


One of the keys to successful project implementation is supervision, which requires tight control over quality, time and budget.

With the contractor’s activities dictated by an established work schedule on the one hand, and the clients desire to finish the project quickly on the other, a project can encounter a conflict of interest.

To overcome this at the design stage, D.E.S thoroughly examines the contractor’s work program leading up to work commencement to guarantee that future construction proceeds smoothly.


For D.E.S, project management begins by reviewing and taking inventory of all updated project data, including maps and relevant documents.

D.E.S experienced teams are continuously present at the site, keeping track of the developments and ensuring that tasks are performed in an efficient, effective and timely manner. This includes timing various activities, controlling materials and equipment supply, witness testing machinery at the manufacturer’s premises, and inspecting delivered items to ascertain conformity with the manufacturer’s description.


Currently, our company is actively involved in water management projects in over 12 countries worldwide. Above is just a small list of projects in which D.E.S took part both in a capacity of a contractor and subcontractor. We will be happy to render services and participate in water production, storage, desalination, wastewater treatment, drinking water quality and use monitoring projects as well as in projects related to water for industrial and agricultural needs.